My Portfolio

Take a look at my latest work & get inspired for your next project.


Forge3 Websites

Learn more about my design process, and some of my favorite sites I've designed for my current employer, Forge3.


Take a look at the patch I researched and designed for GSEP's Board of Directors.

LVC Magazine

Learn more about how I designed Lebanon Valley College's "Future Focused" magazine cover.


I designed LVC's all day event "ValleyFest" from sun up to sun down. Learn more about it!


Take a look at how I helped design memories for years to come.

Viddler Print Designs

Take a look at case studies, PDFs, and handouts I created for Viddler from 2015-2017.

Flyer Designs

Check out the following fliers I designed for Lebanon Valley College.

Package Design

Designs, redesigns, and prototypes from my Package Design class at Lebanon Valley College

What If LVC

A group project that asked "What if Lebanon Valley College was involved in a school shooting?"

Vale Media Industries Conference

Check out the print collateral I created for the 11th Annual Vale Conference at Lebanon Valley College.

ValleyFest 2016

I helped create posters, T Shirts, and Social Media designs for Lebanon Valley College's ValleyFest 2016.

Jabeeko Online Agency

We created a dual sided agency that solved two problems: give small businesses the ability to afford online help and create consistent work for busy freelancers. 

Viddler Website 2017

As the web designer at Viddler, my job was to design, code, and implement UX changes to the Viddler website.