Wedding Stationery

As a graphic designer, I have been asked to create many invitations for various events. These two weddings have been my favorite to design. The clients were easy to work with and gave me a lot of design creativity, which made my job easier.

Both clients had an idea of what “vibe” they wanted their stationery to give off, but let me figure out the best way to make that happen.

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Wideman Wedding

Liz and Rob wanted invitations that were timeless, but fun for their wedding. They were having a traditional Catholic mass wedding, so they needed the invitations to be formal, but not so formal that their personalities didn't shine through.

As a longtime family friend, this couple was a blast to work with and I wish them a lifetime of happiness!

Wideman - Invitation.jpg
Wideman - Reply Card.jpg
Wideman - Details.jpg


Collis Wedding

Similar to the Wideman Wedding, the Collis Wedding wanted a whimsical charm with the information they needed still being present and informative to their invitees!

I went to high school with Jess and Justin and it was awesome to be able to design a part of their new life.

Header - CollisWedding.jpg