Vale Media Industries Conference

Check out the print collateral I created for the 11th Annual Vale Conference at Lebanon Valley College

Vale Conference

Project Duties

Graphic Design


I was given the task to create a poster for the 12th Annual Vale Media Industries Conference that combined elements of music and digital media. In previous years, the conference was the "Vale Music Conference" and in 2015, the conference changed to "The Vale Media Industries Conference." I was honored to be a part of this movement on the Lebanon Valley College campus. Because there were previous ideas that this conference was only for music, my job was to change the perception and include all aspects of digital media.

Along with design aspects of the conference, I also helped create a bridge between the Music Business major and the Digital Communications major at Lebanon Valley College. This process is ongoing, but I am happy to have taken a part in the movement.

Schedule and Poster
Vale Conference Poster
Day of the Conference
Day of the Conference