Web Designs for Forge3

The following are websites I have made for my full time job at Forge3 where I am a Wordpress Layout Designer. I am given the content and a general idea of what the client is looking for. My part of the website was to create the web design for the project and help create a mobile ready version.

Insurance Underwriters

Insurance Underwriters

This client had a website in mind that they loved. They wanted elements from the website they loved on their new website I designed. Specifically, they wanted a black navigation and modern buildings.

Bepler Insurance


This client wanted a mix of fun and professional in regard to their insurance website. They wanted a website that was focused on a fun family atmosphere to attract families.

Hollis & Burns.jpg


For Hollis & Burns focuses on aviation insurance. They wanted a retro/art-deco inspired site, so I was able to have some fun with this!

Kilgo Insurance.jpg


KilGO Insurance, a Forge3 client, needed a website to help make their insurance coverage stand out from the others.


Other Websites I Have Designed